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What is high glass? Cons and pros + high glass cabinet models

High-gloss MDF creates great interest for buyers in choosing the right color for home and kitchen decoration, especially cabinets. The variety of MDF in the market is also...

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All about Japanese interior design

Japanese decoration is a little bit eastern, a little bit western, a little bit of cold and a little bit of warmth, a little bit of spirituality and a little bit of elegance. But above all, simplicity and complete efficiency. These are more characteristic...

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The importance of floor covering in the Feng Shui style of the house

Feng Shui seeks to create a balance between the vital energy of people and the environment of daily activities, through the distribution of decoration and orientation of rooms.

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Decowall's return to interior design in 2023

دکووال های مد و ترند‌های روز همواره به گذشته‌ها رجوع و خود را بازیابی می‌کنند. دکووال شیک‌ترین سبک دیواری دهه نود میلادی بودند. در سال‌های اخیر بار دیگر پروفیل‌های دیواری...

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Stylish and modern house with interior design 2023

هر ساله شروع سال جدید میلادی همراه با پیش ­بینی­ هایی مختلف و هیجان ­انگیز دربارۀ مسائل متنوع به­ خصوص ترندهای رنگ سال، مد روز و… همراه است. طراحی داخلی...

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Home decoration trends in 2023

The year ahead promises blurred lines, dramatic fashions and comfortable pieces. No matter what your style is, home decoration trends in 2023 will make the interior...

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