Arta Decowall and Cornice


In recent years, the mass production line of profiles and cornices based on cellulose with the brand name Forma has been added to the industrial production cycle of Arta pan. Forma cornice products are produced using modern and high-quality machines made of natural wood and MDF in two types, raw and coated. MDF skirting boards with PVC coating and Soft Touch are resistant to scratches and play an effective role in the beauty and order of the building environment. The new generation of Arta pan wooden and MDF cornices are more durable and beautiful than its stone types and are highly favored by designers and consumers.

The machines of Arta Industrial Group are made in Germany and Italy and have the ability to produce all kinds of profiles in different lengths, widths and thicknesses and in different designs and colors.


Decowall is a new product that has many decorative aspects in interior decoration today. Arta pan MDF decowalls are produced and supplied under the Forma brand in raw and coated types (PVC and Soft Touch). Decowalls have many uses in the renovation of residential and commercial buildings with the ability of easy installation and implementation and high flexibility. The variety of designs and colors of Forma's raw and coated decals has made many choices available to consumers. Decowalls produced by Arta pan with a quality equal to European standard products, with anti-fingerprint coating, long life and impressive beauty, are a suitable alternative to old materials such as stone, wall paper and paint. Decowall Forma gives a special effect to the environment in various designs with the possibility of high ideation in coordination with the interior decoration and has a significant effect on the beauty of homes and commercial environments.

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