Arta Pan parquet after-sales service

Warranty Activation

Arta pan Company provides all Arta clic products with after-sales warranty in accordance with consumer protection laws and for the obligations and duties of manufacturers and importers, sales intermediaries, after-sales service intermediaries and their authorized service agents in order to protect the rights of consumers.

When buying, all Arta Clic products include a 10-year warranty for residential use and a 5-year warranty for office and commercial use. In case of any problem according to the contents explained in the warranty card, Arta pan company will fix and provide healthy laminate flooring with the same design or a similar design with the same Rial value.

Thanks to your good choice, Arta Industrial Group has presented Arta clic products with the following features:

  • Wear resistance: The surfaces of Arta clic laminate flooring sheets are resistant to erosion with all their elegance and beauty. (Surface erosion is defined as the creation of worn spots, larger than 1 square centimeter.)

  • Fade resistance: Arta clic laminate flooring surfaces are resistant to fading due to exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light.

  • Stain resistance: Arta clic laminate flooring surfaces are resistant to spilled stains.

  • Cohesion and connection strength: Arta clic laminate flooring can be removed and re-installed up to three times and can be easily removed to replace damaged parts.

The application area of ​​Arta clic laminate flooring is according to the European standard EN133291685 for use in private and public environments. Its usage class is 23/31 and this means that the floor covering can be used in private environments with high traffic and in public environments with balanced erosion....
The validity of the warranty depends on the presentation of the warranty card and legal purchase documents.

In order to use it better and increase the useful life of the product, do your best to maintain it and keep it clean.

  • Installation must be done by an authorized installer according to the defined standard.
  • Proper maintenance and traffic tips should be followed.
  • The currency value of the installed parquets will be reserved.

Cancellation of warranty and guarantee:

  • Errors in the installation process or damage caused by transportation and the unevenness of the installation site according to the expert report of Arta clic company.
  • Incidents of incorrect and inappropriate use of the product, such as scratches and cuts on the surface by sharp objects, hitting or falling heavy objects, bumps or damage caused by abrasion by objects such as sand.
  • Non-observance of the methods of use, cleaning, precautionary measures and the amount of traffic being higher than the defined conditions
  • Pouring and stagnating water on the surface and leaking water to the lower levels of the product and washing it with chemical detergents

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