Supermatte MDF

using the most up-to-date technology in the world, produces MDF super matte anti-finger under the brand name Mattexa and sells it to domestic consumers and brings foreign

This type of sheet is non-reflective, resistant to deep scratches, smooth and long-lasting. Matte color without light reflection, this type mdf has turned it into a popular and demanded product among consumers.

Features of Supermatte anti-finger touch MDF

  • - Supermatte surface
  • - Non-reflection of light with a stylish and natural appearance
  • - Anti-fingerprint properties (reducing fingerprint stains on furniture)
  • High Durability
  • - Soft touch surface
  • - High scratch resistance
  • - High surface smoothness
  • - gloss level less than 2 (indicating that the sheet is super matte)
  • - Variety in color, design and dimensions
  • - No color change against light and heat
  • - Easy to clean
  • - Lasting colors

Advantages of Arta Supermatte MDF

  • _ Mattexa's beautiful and unique surface and the ability to harmonize with other devices and decorations
  • Easy removal of scratches and more resistance compared to others MDF sheets
  • _ Dark and matte colors and preventing light reflection are suitable for bright homes and office spaces
  • _ New anti-fingerprint matte surface

Application of Mattexa super matte MDF

Arta MDF of the Mattexa brand with melamine coating, which has an extremely matte and modern appearance, as well as a durable and anti-fingerprint coating, is used in architecture and Interior decoration, It has many uses:

  • _ Bedroom furniture and accessories for children and adults
  • TV panel
  • Kitchen and bar cabinet
  • Partition and interior decoration
  • _ Office, commercial and sports places and...

 All Arta pan melamine MDF products in various designs and colors can be produced in Supermatte (Mattexa) and glossy (Hi-Finity) models.

کابینت های تولیدی با ورق ام دی اف سوپر مات

The difference between matte MDF and Arta supermatte

Both matte and Supermatt MDF types have almost no reflection and are suitable for spaces such as kitchens with natural light. But Mattexa Supermatte MDF is a big evolution in traditional matte finishes.

Supermatte MDF with anti-fingerprint properties and the highest matte percentage makes the space look uniform and natural and shows all the angles with the same light and creates a stylish and classy atmosphere. The feature of not leaving fingerprint stains on Mattexa supermatte MDF has made this sheet different from other types of MDF.

Technical specifications of MDF supermatte anti-finger touch based on UNI standard

  • Dimensions mm 1830x2440 - 1830x3660 - 1830x4100 - 1220x2440
  • Thickness 8 to 32 mm

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