What is MDF + price list and technical specifications

MDF Arta is a type of compressed sheet that replaces natural wood and has many uses in the interior of buildings and some industries.

Today, (MDFs)are used for interior decorative applications due to their high quality and durability. MDF is produced from quality wood chips and more advanced technology is used in its production process than traditional MDF.

قیمت  کارخانه و بروز ورق ام دی اف آرتا

What is MDF?

MDF stands for "Medium-density fibreboard". MDF is a type of dense fiberboard made from wood chips and resin. Today, this type of wood has many applications in the construction and furniture industries.

از طریق لیست نمایندگان آرتا به روز ترین قیمت ورق ام دی اف (دی1402) را دریافت کنید.

The characteristics of MDF sheets have made them easily replace natural wood and become very popular among consumers. Its features include a cheaper price than natural wood, the ability to produce in different sizes and dimensions, the ability to cut easily, a smoother and cleaner texture than wood, and greater resistance to moisture and water. The above features have made the MDF sheet to be used for making all kinds of furniture, doors and windows, cabinets, etc.

ورق های خام و ملامینه ام دی اف در ابعاد و اندازه های متفاوت

The ingredients of Arta MDF

It is good to know what are the constituent materials of MDF. MDF is made from hard and soft wood chips. MDF is usually composed of 82% wood fibers, 9% urea formaldehyde resin glue, 8% water and 1% paraffin wax. The density of most MDF is usually between 500 kg/m3 and 1000 kg/m3.

MDF sheets are usually extracted from different types of wood, such as pine, fir or eucalyptus, etc. These fibers are mixed with a synthetic resin, usually urea formaldehyde or phenol formaldehyde, and compressed under high pressure to form a dense, flat sheet. MDF boards are popular in the construction and furniture industries due to their constant density, smooth surface and versatility.

They can be easily cut, drilled and shaped using common woodworking tools and are often used to make cabinets, shelves, doors and other furniture items. MDF boards can be painted, laminated or coated to achieve the desired texture.

Like natural wood, MDF sheets are prone to swelling or warping when exposed to moisture, but they generally have higher resistance than natural wood.

Therefore, it is recommended to use these papers in the Interior decorations .

تاریخچه و تولید ام دی اف های کارخانه آرتا در طول زمان

MDF thickness

Arta MDF sheets as well as chipboard and supermatt are currently produced in thicknesses of 8, 16, 18 and 25 mm.

Applications of MDF in industry

MDF is one of the widely used construction materials used in various industries.
Some of the uses of MDF are:
Furniture making and interior decoration:

MDF is used as a suitable and cheap substitute for wood in the production of furniture and interior decoration. This material can be used in the production of furniture, cabinets, partitions, shelves, doors, windows, etc.
Building and structure:

MDF is used as a substitute for wood in various buildings and structures. Mdf can be used in the construction of false walls, ceilings, Wall panels, etc.

کاربرد ام دی اف و روکش ام دی اف در مبلمان سازی و کتابخانه

Paper industry:

MDF is used as one of the main materials for the production of some types of paper.
Automotive industries:

MDF has many applications in the production of interior parts of cars, such as interior panels, door panels, etc.
Electronic industries:

MDF is used in the production of electronic components such as electronic boards and...
Computer games industry:

MDF is used in the production of computer game parts, such as game tables, etc.
In general, MDF has a variety of uses in many industries due to features such as process ability, reasonable price, scratch resistance, and smooth surface.

ساخت کابینت با استفاده از ورق ام دی اف و نئوپان

Let's know the types of MDF

MDF is available in different types in the market. These types are different based on raw materials, surface and other different characteristics. MDF sheets are usually sold in two forms, raw and melamine. Some types of melamine have anti-scratch, waterproof, moisture and fire resistant coatings. Some are more shiny and some have a matte finish. These features have made the mdf of melamine veneers available in various designs and colors. Arta MDF is produced in various types and is suitable for various uses, especially inside buildings. Choosing the right type of MDF for your projects depends on the intended use and location.

قیمت کارخانه  ورق خام و سفید و ام دی اف  آرتا  خرید ام دی اف

What are the advantages of MDF?

MDF is used in many different industries and uses due to its unique characteristics.

Some of the advantages of MDF wood are:

  • Shapeability: MDF sheet can be easily shaped and can be cut, engraved and drilled using simple tools and turned into different shapes.
  • Reasonable price: MDF has a more reasonable price than natural wood, and due to its lower price, it is suitable for projects that you have a limited budget to implement.
  • Smooth surface and paint ability: MDF surface is very smooth and can be easily painted and painted with various designs.

Inquiring about the price of white MDF sheets + hifinity + supermatt (November 2023) through Arta representatives

  • Resistance to breakingCompared to natural wood, MDF is more resistant to breaking and is suitable for use in projects that require high strength.
  • Absence of knots and cracks: MDF is resistant to knots and cracks and due to their absence, it can be used as a substitute for natural wood in construction projects.
  • Environment lover: MDF is produced from the recycling of other woods, thereby polluting the environment less and helping to preserve natural resources.
  • In general, MDF is used in many industries and uses due to its formability, smooth surface and various coloring, reasonable price, high resistance to breaking and the absence of knots and cracks.
ورق های ام دی اف MDF ملامینه و هایگلاس آرتاپان در ابعاد متفاوت با لیست قیمت ام دی اف

What are the disadvantages of MDF?

As every material and product has its advantages and disadvantages, MDF also has disadvantages that should be considered.

Some of the disadvantages of MDF are:

  • Sensitivity to humidity:MDF is sensitive to moisture and if placed in very dry or very wet environments, it may change shape or crack and weaken.
  • Less impact resistance: Some types of MDF are less impact resistant than natural wood and may break easily.
  • Flammability: Some types of MDF have a fireproof coating, but they do not resist fire for a long time, and in the event of a fire, they catch fire quickly.
  • Moisture absorption: Because the main material of MDF is wood, it can store moisture in itself and if there is no proper ventilation, it creates an unpleasant smell.

In general, for the effective use of MDF sheet, its advantages and disadvantages must be considered according to the intended use and used in the right environment and conditions. The use of waterproof, fireproof and scratch-resistant coatings can prevent some of the disadvantages of MDF sheet and make it more practical than natural wood.

معایب ورق ام دی اف و نئوپان در کابینت و مبلمان و در شهر ها شمالی

Types of MDF, MDF and HDF Arta

Currently, the Arta Pan Company, factory under the Arta Industrial Group factories has achieved a well-known position among consumers with the production of raw chipboard and melamine and pressed sheets of MDF and HDF.

Using advanced machines and modern technology, Arta pan has produced and marketed sheets with a transparent and shiny coating known as Hi-finity under the brand name Golsstex. Also, using the most up-to-date technology in the world, it has included the anti-finger super matte MDF under the Mattexa brand in its products to meet the needs and tastes of customers.

Arta pan company always monitors and checks the quality of its products with a well-equipped laboratory under the full supervision and control of expert and experienced personnel. Adherence to national standards and its compliance with international standards has made Arta pan a domestically produced product that can compete with its foreign equivalents to the hands of consumers.

انواع ورق های ام دی اف سوپرمات و هایگلاس آرتا برای استفاده در کابینت سازی و مبلمان

Arta soapy white MDF; The best domestically produced MDF

MDF compact sheets are sold in the market with different domestic and foreign names and brands. But among all the compact sheet brands, Arta's soapy white MDF is at the top of demand and sales. The acceptability of this sheet is due to the high quality of its structure and core and the quality of its melamine coating. These features have made Arta soapy white MDF one of the most popular products in the interior decoration market. The Arta soapy white MDF is one of the best-selling models under Mattexa brand, produced by Artapan company. Arta soapy white MDF has many uses in interior decoration and is known among designers. Arta white MDF is known as the best quality in the market. After implementation, this model will have a significant impact on your desired environment. Arta has now become the best option for consumers with various MDFs and high-quality matte and glossy color coatings.

You can apply here to get the prices of MDF and Arta chipboard products.

پایه چوب در  ساخت ورق های  ام دی اف خام و سفید

Arta High Glass MDF

High glass MDF is a type of melamine with a very high gloss level and is covered with a plexiglass layer. The presence of dark and shiny colors and glass facade in this model has made it popular among designers and buyers.

This type of sheet has an appearance similar to glass due to the shiny plexiglass layer, but it is more resistant and lighter when attached to glass. The smooth and shiny surface of Arta pan's glossy MDF models makes them easy to clean. Also, the special glossy surface and its reflective nature lead to increase the effect of depth and smoothness of the surface for a greater visual effect.

Its resistant surface allows it to be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces.High glass MDF (Hi_finity) Arta is suitable for use in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets and closet doors.

Arta Supermatte MDF (Mattexa)

Mattexa, Supermatte anti-fingerprint MDF with non-reflective ability, resistant to deep scratches, has smoothness and long-term durability. The matte color without light reflection has made this type of MDF a popular and demanded product among consumers.

Mattexa brand Arta MDF with melamine finish has a super matte and contemporary look, durable and anti-fingerprint coating. Mattexa Supermatte MDF is a big evolution in traditional matte finishes.

Supermatte MDF with anti-fingerprint properties and the highest matte percentage makes the space look uniform and natural and shows all the angles with the same light and creates a stylish and classy atmosphere. The feature of not leaving fingerprint stains on Mattexa supermatte MDF has made this sheet different from other types of MDF.

Arta Raw MDF

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a wood panel obtained by hot compression of wood fibers using resin. Arta raw MDF with high tool ability is a good alternative to natural wood.

Arta MDF provides the ability to create any desired design, curve or carving, and due to its ideal mechanical surface, it is completed with different coatingsmelaminePVC, Acrylic and UV varnish)
Specifications: Alternative to natural wood, toolability, durable edges, excellent mechanical properties and elasticity, excellent surface quality, moisture resistant.
Application: Construction and space construction for interior design, door, kitchen, furniture, library, etc.
Advantages: Toolability property, variety of texture and design, lightness and durability, stability in geometric features, resistant to stretching, more durable against moisture.

Get the price of raw MDF, hi_finity and supermatte through the below link

MDF sheet size or thickness

Arta raw and melamine MDF has achieved a special position among consumers in the size of MDF sheets and different thicknesses. All types of Arta MDF and HDF compact papers with the following specifications are available to consumers.

6 mil mdf Arta sheet size

3 mil mdf Arta sheet size

کاتالوگ رنگ ام دی اف آرتا همراه هایگلاس و سوپرمات

What is Arta Hi-Finity MDF?

Hi-Finity is a type of MDF sheet that is known all over the world by this name. Arta pan company has supplied this sheet to the domestic and foreign markets under the brand name Glosstex.

Some of the features of Hi-Finity MDF are:

  • High resistance to scratches and wear : Hi-finity sheets have a high resistance to scratches and wear, and for this reason, they are suitable for high-traffic applications and internal and external building applications.
  • High resistance to moisture and heat:Glosstex hi_finity MDF has a high resistance to moisture and heat, and as a result, they are suitable for use in environments with harsh weather conditions and temperature changes.
  • Beautiful and designable appearance: Hi_finity sheets are available in various designs and colors, and due to their high design ability, you can use them to give a beautiful appearance to the building.
  • High resistance to flammability: These types of sheets have a high resistance to flaming and therefore are suitable for use in environments with special safety conditions.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning: Hi_finity sheets require less maintenance and can be easily cleaned using simple detergents.

In general, hi_finity MDF is a good option for interior decorative applications due to its high resistance to scratches, wear, moisture, heat, flammability, beautiful appearance and high design ability, easy maintenance and cleaning.

نمایشگاه ورق های ام دی اف هایگلاس آرتا در نمایشگاه وودکس 1402 با ارائه MDF های لوکس با تنوع رنگی بالا

Raw chipboard and Arta melamine

Chipboard Boards are made of wood shavings and chips, which are mixed with glue and resin during processing and become boards of various dimensions. Today, raw chipboard is a modern alternative to natural wood. Easy-to-use Arta chipboard is lighter than natural wood and has stable properties.

The lightness and reasonable price of Arta chipboard has made it widely used in different parts of buildings. Arta pan factories supply a significant part of domestic and foreign market needs with mass production of raw chipboard and melamine.

ضایعات و یا خرده چوب های  ام دی اف چه استفاده ای می شود و به چه صنایع بازیافتی در MDF می شود

Beautiful MDF cabinet with compressed Arta paper

Nowadays, MDF wood is used in the construction of cabinet doors in most houses. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the MDF sheet does not warp and crack over time like natural wood. You should know that MDF, like wood, expands and contracts due to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

But unlike wood, MDF does not bend.
The variety of designs and colors of Arta MDF makes it easier to customize kitchen cabinets. MDF cabinet doors are available in various, light, stylish and beautiful styles. Arta matte and glossy MDFs can be cut in different ways without any damage and transform the kitchen decoration. Depending on the quality, some MDF Arta papers have better resistance to water, moisture and scratches.
Finally, MDF cabinets are often less expensive than solid wood, but are still just as strong and can last and look beautiful for a long time with proper maintenance.

How to buy MDF Arta?

You can purchase Arta's MDF and HDF compacted papers with the brand names Golsstex and Mattexa and Arta's raw chipboard and melamine by referring to the Arta pan website and through the representatives' page.

Arta MDF sheet price list

You can inquire about the price of white and high-gloss MDF sheets as well as Arta melamine sheets due to the wide distribution throughout the country through the agents that you can access the list of agents in the link below, and you can also check the stock of the sheets White MDF, Hi_finity and Arta Supermatte, which is considered one of Arta's new products (new solid colors), inquire about the price and inventory through the agency.

لیست نمایندگان آرتا برای دریافت استعلام قیمت ( دی1402) به همراه موجودی ورق ام دی اف

Download Arta's MDF catalog

To prepare Arta's MDF and HDF raw and melamine catalog with Golsstex and Mattexa brands and Arta's raw chipboard and melamine and to know the detailed specifications of Arta's MDF products, visit "https://artapan.ir/download-center/".

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