The importance of floor covering in the Feng Shui style of the house

Feng Shui seeks to create a balance between the vital energy of people and the environment of daily activities, through the distribution of decoration and orientation of rooms.

These days, houses are the main and important space to promote this decorative style. Using the Feng Shui method and its philosophy in interior design is synonymous with improving energy, balance and positivity. In this style, the floor covering plays a fundamental role because the main element is the connection with natural elements.

Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Feng Shui is the name given to an ancient philosophical system and method in China. Literally meaning wind and water, it is a way to find the right decoration and the right arrangement of things in residential, commercial buildings, gardens, etc., to have the best effect on health, happiness, success, harmony and overall positive energy "chi". .

Feng Shui is an attitude about the occupation of space and the distribution of energies and the foundations of achieving complete harmony in space. Feng Shui philosophy believes that the correct flow of Chi energy leads to health, emotional relationships and physical energy. Besides these, it creates an ideal environment for living and performing daily tasks. It is worth mentioning that this theory is based on the arrangement of space and main points that are applied in furniture and decorative objects.

In addition, the use of shapes and materials to create a perfect combination are of particular importance. In this way, Feng Shui focuses on the flow of energies and believes that if we notice that something is not going well, then we need to make changes in the arrangement of our room or living environment. In this method, rearranging the furniture is necessary to renew energy. Feng Shui as a decorative style has 3 clear and unmistakable assumptions.

By following these keys, we can maximize the potential of any space. The keys are:

  • Natural light
  • Arrangement of the rooms
  • Cleanliness and Neatness

The importance of color in Feng Shui

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang are the two main forces that shape and balance all life. According to Feng Shui, colors are directly related to yin or yang. Based on this principle, yin colors attract health, prosperity and peace.

On the other hand, Yang colors increase activity, enthusiasm or positive energy. In Feng Shui style, colors are used to represent 5 elements that define the characteristics of each energy: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. As a result, depending on the amount of beauty you want to create in each room, it is necessary to choose one or more colors. Colors have a significant effect on people and their brain function.

Floor covering in Feng Shui

After learning about the main features of this style and the importance of colors in Feng Shui, it is time to know more about the importance of floor covering in this method.

We are not exaggerating if we say that wooden floor covering is the only thing that cannot be removed from feng shui. As we mentioned above, the importance of wood goes back to its energy, because this natural material helps to connect energies directly. Therefore, choosing a house with this feature is of fundamental importance.

 علم فنگ شویی در منزل
Arta clic universal laminate flooring, elegance design

Now you know that if you want your house to have a Feng Shui style, you should choose wood first of all. However, if you are concerned about the appearance and durability of wood and you want your Feng Shui flooring to look as beautiful as the first day, we recommend choosing wood laminate flooring instead of traditional parquet, which requires less and easier maintenance.

If you are looking for speed and ease of installation, Parquet laminate floor covers are the best option for you. Easy click technology with the ability to install very quickly and in the shortest time at home or any space you want. These features show that laminate parquet is easy to install and clean;

Arta clic laminate flooring has good resistance to temperature and humidity changes. In addition, it has an overlay and anti-scratch layer that protects it from heavy furniture scratches and is also ideal for homes with small children. Thanks to the texture similar to natural wood, this type of floor covering has a very cozy and relaxing appearance and is very suitable and practical for distributing yin and yang energy in homes and workplaces. Therefore, it is a suitable solution for the quick reconstruction of homes and commercial places.

Mirror in Feng Shui decoration

According to Feng Shui philosophy, placing mirrors plays a key role in decoration. The location of the mirror in a room is essential to maintain balance and well-being. For example, it is not recommended to place a mirror in front of the bed, because the reflected energy is not suitable for rest and disturbs the relaxation. In design, mirrors can make the house brighter and more spacious. Both of these features improve the overall energy of the home.

Mirrors are reflective so it can be placed to reflect certain energies into the space. Use mirrors to reflect and enhance anything. For example, if you place mirrors in your office in ways that reflect trees, you invite the energy of wood into your work.

 Houseplants for corners

Decorating with indoor plants strengthens the energy of a special element of Feng Shui, namely wood. The element of wood brings the vital energy of growth and action to your space. The plant inspires compassion, kindness and flexibility. In addition, green is a reminder of youth and growth. There are not necessarily good and bad plants in Feng Shui. However, some plants such as erica palm, fern, pothos and lucky bamboo are more recommended than others. According to Feng Shui philosophy, the corners of the house are troublesome points; Because they are not suitable for energy flow. Therefore, it is better to place houseplants in these areas to provide the necessary vitality.

Plants increase creativity, productivity and positive outlook. Design experts believe that all spaces need living energy and Feng Shui plants are an easy and natural way to bring vital energy to the environment. Plants act as a living decoration that not only add dimensions and color to the space, but also bring nature to the home and work environment.

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