Hi-Finity MDF

In the Arta cellulose production chain, compressed paper with a transparent and glossy coating known as Hi-Finity under the Glosstex brand has been produced and marketed in order to respond to the market's needs and create diversity.

The characteristic of this type of sheet is its transparency, high gloss and scratch resistance. The light reflection and glass property of this model is very eye-catching and with its various and shiny colors, it creates an attractive and charming environment.

Features of Glosstex MDF

  • _ Stylish and beautiful appearance
  • _ High brightness and smoothness
  • _ High resistance to scratches
  • _ Variety in color, design and dimensions
  • _ High durability
  • _ Ease of installation and processing
  • _ Easy to clean

Advantages of Glosstex MDF

  • _ Transparent and shiny surface suitable for creating beautiful and attractive effects of modern and contemporary decoration
  • Compatibility of design and color with all types of decoration
  • _ Hi-Finity sheets are suitable for making all kinds of furniture, including TV tables, dining tables, wardrobes, desks, chairs, etc.
  • _ High resistance to scratches and wear
  • _ High resistance to moisture and heat
  • Beautiful and designable appearance
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Powerglass MDF

Powerglass MDF is covered with a layer of melamine made of polyester so that, in addition to its high gloss, the melamine color does not change over time. The surface resistance of Powerglass sheets is so high that its surface can be easily cleaned with a sponge without causing damage. The advantages of this type of sheet include high resistance level, affordability and variety of colors and designs, scratch resistance. Powerglass coating is more transparent and glossy than other glossy melamines such as Higlass. This feature causes high reflection of light and makes spaces like bedroom and kitchen look bigger and brighter. The versatility of Arta Powerglass MDF allows it to be used for insulating and making all kinds of cabinets, tables and chairs, and making furniture more luxurious.

MDF UV Glass Arta

MDF UV Glass is one of Arta pan's new products. This MDF model is less resistant to sunlight than other types of MDF. Arta MDF UV Glass is more resistant to light due to the UV layer, and its quality does not decrease in sunlight. But the degree of gloss of this model is lower than Hi_finity melamine and Powerglass. MDF UV Glass Arta is suitable for places exposed to long and direct sunlight.

Application areas of MDF UV Glass: home decoration furniture, bedroom, living room, wardrobe, kitchen cabinet, etc.

Arta High glass MDF

High glass MDF is a type of melamine with a very high and shiny degree, which is covered with a plexiglass layer. The presence of dark and shiny colors and glass facade in this model has made it popular among designers and buyers. This type of sheet has an appearance similar to glass due to the shiny plexiglass layer, but it is more resistant and lighter when attached to glass. The smooth and shiny surface of Arta pan's glossy MDF models makes them easy to clean.
* All Arta pan melamine MDF products in various designs and colors can be produced in Supermatte (Mattexa) and glossy (Hi-Finity) models.

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