Decowall's return to interior design in 2023

دکووال های مد و ترند‌های روز همواره به گذشته‌ها رجوع و خود را بازیابی می‌کنند. دکووال شیک‌ترین سبک دیواری دهه نود میلادی بودند.

In recent years, wall profiles have been accompanied by different styles of decoration. These days Decowall is the most practical way for people who are looking for a completely new and impressive look.

What is Forma Decowall?

دکووال محصولی جدید است که امروزه در دکوراسیون داخلی جنبه‌های تزئینی فراوانی دارد. دکووال‌ها با قابلیت نصب و اجرای آسان و انعطاف‌پذیری بالا در بازسازی ساختمان‌های مسکونی و تجاری مصارف بسیاری دارند. دکووال فُرما در طرح‌ها و رنگ‌های متنوع با امکان‌ایده‌پردازی بالا در هماهنگی با دکوراسیون داخلی جلوۀ خاصی به محیط می‌دهد و در زیبایی منازل و محیط‌های تجاری تأثیر قابل ملاحظه‌ای دارد.

Decowall Forma is an excellent choice to create a warm and eye-catching atmosphere in our living environment; Where we spend most of our time.

Forma decowalls are the best and most practical way to change the decoration and interior design of your home. Decowalls produced by Arta pan with a quality equal to European standard products, long life and impressive beauty are a suitable alternative to old materials such as stone, wall paper and paint.

Why should we choose Decowall Forma?

Among the wall decorations, Forma wall profile is known as the most economical way to create a stylish and functional decoration. Forma wall profile in various designs and colors and with easy installation will change the wall of your home and work environment to an original, beautiful and modern look.

Arta pan MDF decals under the Forma brand are produced in raw and coated types (PVC and Soft Touch) and provide you with many choices.
With the possibility of easy installation and implementation, Forma Decowalls are easily put together like two pieces of a puzzle.

In addition, its parts are easily separated and if desired, they can be moved and installed in another space. Therefore, when you want to make changes in the decoration in different parts of the house, the Forma wall profiles can be easily removed and reused elsewhere. A modern, economical and sustainable design solution.

A stylish and modern appearance with a simple geometry of Decowall Forma

The advantages of Forma wall profiles are countless. Forma Decowalls are both popular and preferred over other materials and are easily coordinated with different decoration styles.

In the following, we suggest you some popular applications of Forma Decowalls in the interior decoration of the home and work environment:

Usually, the corners of all-white walls look too monotonous. By using Decowall forma vertically and on a large scale on a wall, you can make the space look natural and warm instead of covering the entire corner.

The final conclusion about Forma decals:

Today, Decowalls have become a widely used style as a complement to TV units and living areas. Create a geometric and beautiful look by using Forma decals on a part of the wall and installing the panels horizontally or vertically. You can easily create a modern decoration with Forma wall profiles. Due to the reception of designers and customers, it seems that Decowall will be seen as an important element in the decoration of many places from now on. 

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