Home decoration trends in 2023

The year ahead promises blurred lines, dramatic fashions and comfortable pieces. No matter what your style is, home decoration trends in 2023 will make your interior more pleasant.

Back to Noir

As spaces become personalized and character-oriented over time, we are also encouraged to enjoy and use what design offers us. Gothic design is one such tempting way. This type of design is undeniably dramatic, yet richly layered and attractive. It is good to know that Gothic style brings more than dark colors.

In this style, large and arched curtains, arched mirrors, sculptures and luxurious chandeliers are considered normal. With a contemporary twist, this type of interior can be memorable and at the same time suitable for living. The important thing is that in this style you are free to make the space as dramatic and impressive as you want (with or without using black).

Nostalgic combinations in home decoration 2023

Contrary to popular belief, interior decoration design brings comfort and peace in most cases. It also induces a sense of nostalgia in some styles.

In 2022, we saw a wave of "Beach Grandma" style on interior design and fashion, influenced by the pure and incredibly tender emotions of Nancy Meyers' films. Like last year, the interior design and color trends of 2023 also play with nostalgia to remind the pleasant and strange air of the past. Rural style works of art will create a poetic and delicate feeling in the design of interior decoration.

Curved lines

For some time now, arches and rounded shapes have made their way into the interior design of houses. Crescent sofas, tulip and egg chairs and circular carpets are placed in the center of the stage. Currently, the 2023 home decor trend is moving towards rectangular mirrors, architectural details, and mushroom lights. In the near future, the cabinets, shelves, and bedside tables will also change to more curves.

Indentation with local light

Since the Renaissance, corners and recesses have been used to highlight works of art, especially in architecture and sculpture. However, these spaces were forgotten over the centuries. It is not surprising that most buildings of the modern age are plagued; But times are always changing.

Today, these unique architectural features are being restored. On the other hand, the corners and indentations are more beautiful than most decorative showcases. They become functional corners. They save space, create visual interest. Regardless of their size, these cozy spaces emphasize the beauty of interior decoration and furniture.

Large pendants

In interior design, experimentalism with sizes, scales and proportions has always brought attractive results. Designers have turned to using big lights, intentionally or accidentally. This lighting with bold dimensions not only attracts the attention of every viewer, but also looks great and eye-catching in a suitable environment. After all, it should be concluded that in the coming years we will need an angle designer in the design of interior spaces.

 Incomplete abnormalities

When it comes to home decoration trends in 2023, the words organic, handmade and local are the best definitions. In aesthetics, these elements are considered unique and unrepeatable combinations. Untouched and at the same time refined and delicate quality that outline the future of decoration. Exquisite handicrafts make decoration and furniture attractive and different from modern fashion and give decoration an independent and rooted identity.

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