All about Japanese interior design

Japanese decoration is a little bit eastern, a little bit western, a little bit of cold and a little bit of heat, a little bit of spirituality and a little bit of elegance.

But above all, simplicity and complete efficiency. These are the characteristics of the growing popular decoration trend of recent years, namely "Japanese style".

What is Japanese style?

In fact, the trademark of the Japanese decoration trend should be found in its vocabulary structure. In this hybrid way of decoration, two different regions that are geographically very far from each other are placed next to each other with cultural similarities.

Japanese style converged with Scandinavian aesthetics and is also known as Scandinavian or Japonordic. In any case, whatever name is given to this style, the houses decorated in this style are absolutely beautiful.

Scandinavian Hoge culture and Japanese aesthetics are the most important part of creating this decoration trend. The goal of Hoge's Scandinavian life philosophy is to live a warm, friendly, safe and peaceful life.

On the other hand, the Japanese aesthetic approach called wabi-sabi is based on transition, acceptance of imperfections, minimalism and unpretentious elegance that manifests itself in simplicity. When all these are combined in a decoration style, they create the Japanese style. A very simple, minimal, practical, elegant and unpretentious style.

دکوراسیون ژاپنی سبکی مناسب برای استفاده هم زمان از سبک های شرقی و غربی

So if you want to make the living space of your house in Japanese style, you should follow some of the golden rules:
- Simplicity should be your main goal. When implementing Japanese style, be careful to avoid flashy accessories.
- Functionality of the furniture is also very important. Japanese style combines elegance with utility.
- Bright colors are your friend. In both Scandinavian and Japanese decor, bright colors form the main color palette. Therefore, the Japanese decoration trend is an approach based on bright tonalities.

- Wooden materials and organic products are essential details in Japanese style. Japanese style is inspired by nature and its purpose is to shape our living spaces with materials derived from nature.
- Being untidy or careless decorative items are among the things that Japanese style avoids. The decoration of your living room should be simple and at the same time neat and orderly.
- Scandinavian and Japanese culture both focus on sustainability rather than fast consumerism. So when you implement Japanese-style decoration in your home, try to make sure that the products you choose are sustainable or provide quality that can be used for a long time.
- The contrast of the Japanese style with contrasting elements that is formed in the interior of the house arranged with bright colors.

فضایی دلنشین و آرام بخش با دکوراسیون های سبک ژاپنی

Japanese style decoration details

If you have decided to use the good aspects of East and West and you are about to implement a Japanese-style decoration in your living environment, we suggest you to observe the following tips and details:

- In Japanese style decoration, interior spaces are as important as exterior spaces. If there is an outdoor space in your living environment and you can use it, try to use it as much as possible. In fact, Japanese style decoration aims to minimize the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. A small amount of furniture is one of the important elements of Japanese decoration. Try to keep your chairs, tables and even coffee tables as low as possible. Japanese style wants to be as close to the earth as possible and feed off its energy. Based on the style of minimalism, the Japanese style of decoration aims to provide maximum comfort with minimum possible facilities. Therefore, the furniture that can be used as a coffee table and a drawer will be an excellent choice for Japanese style decoration. If you have a lot of things at home, try to get rid of them before switching to Japanese style. House plants often find their place in Japanese style decoration. However, as with any stage of this decorating trend, you should be careful not to overdo it with plants. A few small plants or one large plant is enough for each room. Choose pieces with geometric shapes for wall decoration. Simple mirrors or minimalist paintings will be a great addition to Japanese-style home decoration.
- Feel free to increase the empty spaces in your living environment. In Japanese style decoration, it is not recommended to fill all the corners of the house. On the contrary, if your home is suitable, be sure to leave a space in your decoration that gives you peace.

دکوراسیون های سبک ژاپنی دارای ویژگی زیبایی در کنار سادگی می باشند

Modern Japanese interior design

Modern Japanese interior design is rooted in minimalist principles, clean lines and natural materials. Modern Japanese-style rooms, simple, often low-height furniture, empty walls, and a neutral color palette are always seen in modern Japanese interior design. In modern Japanese-style homes, "less is always more." So when choosing a color palette, the general rule is to keep the variety in materials and colors limited. This method makes the space look quieter, cleaner and fresher.

سادگی در عین زیبایی و کاربردی بودن لوازم و وسایل در سبک  دکوراسیون ژاپنی

Scandinavian interior design

Like Japanese, Scandinavian interior design is rooted in minimalism; But it takes a different approach to achieve the relaxed atmosphere we've come to expect from Japanese interior design. In modern Scandinavian homes, neutral palettes with a range of gray, white, black and a combination of other neutral colors are usually seen.

Scandinavian interior designs are a combination of velvet, leather, knitting, crocheting, etc., with an informal and "raw" look to achieve an attractive Hoge style. Attention to details and pieces of furniture is another sign that can be seen in this design model.

Don't let the neutral palette put you off, because Scandinavian design will never bore you with its polished and unique furniture.

سبک سادگی و زیبایی دکوراسیون اسکاندیناوی بسیار مشابه دکوراسیون ژاپنی می باشد.

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