How to download Arta pan smart catalog?

Arta's smart catalog, which is offline and includes all Arta pan products (MDF product catalog and parquet laminate product catalog), can be downloaded through the link below and used during meetings and when there is no internet access.


Download Artapan Smart Catalog

How to download Arta's MDF color catalog?

To get Arta's MDF color catalog as well as technical specifications for melamine, high-glass and supermatt MDF, you can follow the link below.

Get Arta's MDF color catalog

How to download Arta laminate flooring catalog?

To receive and download the latest version of the Arta parquet catalog, which includes Emboss laminate parquet, universal laminate parquet and cement.

You can download the latest version of these brands through the link below in the Download Center section.

Get the catalog from here


What should we pay attention to before buying Arta laminate floor?

Buying laminate parquet is an important decision and it is better to do the necessary checks before buying it and keep the following things in mind according to your needs. First of all, make sure of the quality of the parquet laminate brand you want. To guarantee quality, you should buy from reputable and well-known companies and make sure that the product has Standard certificates، 8 mm thick، Moisture resistant (and dry quickly in case of contact with water), have a design and color matching the decoration.

How to access Artapan's MDF catalog

To get the latest catalog of Arta pan MDF types, refer to the link below.

Get the Catalog

How to repair Arta laminate flooring?

The best option for repairing damaged parquets is to buy a few extra tiles for when you need them and keep them aside. In these cases, get the help of a skilled installer introduced by the sales representative and replace the damaged board with the healthy boards that you have put aside. Never personally to repair laminate flooring If it is damaged, do not move it because you may damage the edge grooves and put the rest of the tiles out of use.

Why do some floors make noise?

This is one of the frequently asked questions of parquet laminate users and people who intend to buy this product. If laminate parquet is installed by a reliable installer, the probability of such problems will be zero. But what are the reasons and solutions to this problem?

If your laminate makes noise, the most obvious reason is an uneven subfloor. Usually, the reason for the noise is caused by improper infrastructure or wrong installation method. Therefore, choosing a skilled installer will have a great impact in preventing such a problem. If you are sure that there is a problem with the way the parquet is installed, you need to remove them and install them again. With the help of an expert and skilled installer, first evaluate the condition of the substructure and make sure of its uniformity and make the floor completely uniform. If the quality of your laminate parquet is good, it will be easily locked and clicked, and they will be next to each other like the first day. But if the quality of the laminate is low or if the laminate is glued, you should be careful because you cannot lift them in one piece again, and like the lock and click model, they are easy to install.

How to clean Arta clic laminates flooring?

Today, laminate parquet has found a special place among users as one of the most convenient and practical elements in interior design. Beauty, natural appearance, durability and reasonable price have put laminate parquet on the list of favorites of many users. It is good to know that the maintenance, care and cleanliness of laminate parquet increases its life; Therefore, it is essential that all consumers know about it. To increase the life of Arta clic laminates parquet, it doesn't matter which model you choose from the three collections; All Arta parquets are of a quality that you can extend their life with proper use. You can enjoy having a new floor covering for years just by following the following recommendations:

Read Section How to maintain, care and clean Arta Clic laminate parquet to read more.

Can laminate parquet be moved to a new location?

Moving of Arta Clic laminate flooring with easy installation by lock and click method is easy to move and carry, and in case of moving, you can open the installed laminate flooring and install it in the new place at the same speed as the original.