How to download Arta pan smart catalog?

Arta's smart catalog, which is offline and includes all Arta pan products (MDF product catalog and parquet laminate product catalog), can be downloaded through the link below and used during meetings and when there is no internet access.


Download Artapan Smart Catalog

How to download Arta's MDF color catalog?

To get Arta's MDF color catalog as well as technical specifications for melamine, high-glass and supermatt MDF, you can follow the link below.

Get Arta's MDF color catalog

Types of MDF Arta pan, dimensions, size and color of MDF Arta

The dimensions of MDF Arta are available in various dimensions and sizes, and according to the orders of customers, they will be produced in high circulation, and through the link, you can proceed to prepare all kinds of MDF Arta.

How to buy MDF Arta?

Refer to the link below to buy MDF and Arta pan chipboard.

Buy Arta products

How to access Artapan's MDF catalog

To get the latest catalog of Arta pan MDF types, refer to the link below.

Get the Catalog

What are the features of Mattexa Arta MDF?

Mattexa Super Matte MDF is an anti-finger product under the Mattexa brand, produced by Arta pan. This type of sheet is non-reflective, resistant to deep scratches, smooth and long-lasting. To get Mattexa MDF from Arta pan wooden products, visit Arta's MDF sales page.

What are the features of Hifinity Arta MDF?

Arta Hi-Finity MDF compact paper known as Hi-Finity with Glosstex brand is a product of Arta pan company. Among the prominent features of this type of sheet, we can mention high transparency and shine, anti-scratch layer, light reflection and glass properties, various and shiny colors. To prepare Glosstex MDF from Arta pan wooden products, refer to Arta's MDF sales page.