What are the necessary preparations before installing parquet laminate?

Parquet installation is one of the last stages of construction works; Before installing parquet laminate, it is necessary to make sure that the floor and parquet substructure are ready. First, make sure that the materials used are completely dry and moisture is removed. At least 60 days must have passed from the date of floor construction and the floor should be dry. Install laminate parquet after expert approval and accurate moisture measurement tests. The purchased parquet is placed in the middle of the room where it is installed in a crosswise manner (storage arrangement) for 48 hours without opening the refrigerator, so that they are at the same temperature as the environment. After opening parquet packages, they should be installed immediately. A suitable number of cartons (at least 3 cartons) should be opened before installation and the tiles should be mixed well, check all tiles carefully before installation. The temperature of the environment before installation, during installation and when using the parquet should be 16-22 degrees Celsius and the humidity of the environment should be 40-60%. To read more, read here. ( how to install laminate flooring?)