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What is high glass? Cons and pros + high glass cabinet models

High-gloss MDF creates great interest for buyers in choosing the right color for home and kitchen decoration, especially cabinets. The variety of MDF in the market is also...

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What is MDF + price list and technical specifications

MDF Arta is a type of compressed sheet that replaces natural wood and has many uses in the interior of buildings and some industries. Today, MDFs are known for their quality and...

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Decorated Papers

تولید رزین های ملامین فرمالدئید(MF) و اوره فرمالدئید(UF) که جهت آغشته سازی کاغذهای دکور مورد استفاده قرار می گیرند. آرتا دکور یکی از خطوط بزرگ آغشته سازی کاغذهای دکوراتیو جهت...

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