Intermob Istanbul Exhibition

The presence of Artapan company in Istanbul wood and furniture industry exhibition (2023 Intermob)

. Arta Pan Company, from September 8 to October 11, 2023, located at Toyap International Exhibition in Istanbul.

The Istanbul Wood and Furniture Industry Exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions at the international level, which is held every year in various sectors such as wood and forest industries, furniture and chemical industries, services, tools and production equipment with a wide variety of products at the end of September. . This exhibition brings together Turkish domestic companies and international companies active in various branches of wood and furniture industries for four consecutive days.

Artapan company, a manufacturer of cellulose products, in line with the development of international companies, will host visitors with the Artapan booth at Istanbul Furniture Fair. The Intermob exhibition is an opportunity for Artapan to be present with leading brands and manufacturing companies in the world, with customers, intermediaries and company owners from all over the world and create corporate collaborations.

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