Video report of Arta pan booth from Woodex 2022 exhibition

Attending specialized and commercial exhibitions is one of the continuous activities of Arta pan Cellulose Products Company. Woodex International Exhibition is one of the most important exhibition events for wood and cellulose industry activists, which is held every year with the presence of leading companies in order to improve the business environment and transfer knowledge.

غرفه آرتاپان در نمایشگاه وودکس 1401

Woodex 2023 exhibition (wood, raw materials, machinery, fittings, furniture equipment and related industries) was also held in Tehran International Exhibition Center on 9-12 Bahman 1401 with the presence of wood industry activists. Arta pan, the sponsor of the 20th Woodex 2023 exhibition, successfully hosted enthusiasts and experts in the field of cellulose industry in this large gathering of wood industry activists.

مصاحبه آرتا با خبرگزاری ها

The Woodex exhibition is a great opportunity for the activists of this industry to plan for the production of new products in the coming year by evaluating the market potential of the wood industry and related industries. Based on this and according to last year's evaluations, Arta pan introduced and exhibited its new products as usual. Decowall Forma, MDF profiles, the new line of universal parquet laminates and the new MDF products of linen and stone melamine and... were among the new and popular products of Arta pan Cellulose Industries at Woodex 2023 exhibition.

غرفه آرتا در نمایشگاه صنعت چوب

Arta pan company, the first manufacturer of laminate parquet in Iran, has been engaged in domestic production and job creation in the cellulose industry for more than a decade by producing products such as laminate parquet, mdf and hdf sheets, Decowall Forma and cornice with a quality that can compete with foreign products.

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