Kamal Fathi Bitaraf, the founder of Arta Industrial Group, was chosen by the top national entrepreneurs in 2022

The founder of Arta Industries Group and the honorable CEO of Arta Plast were presented as the best entrepreneurs of 1401 in the 14th National Entrepreneurs Festival and were presented with a plaque of appreciation and thanks for this festival.
In this festival, 6 entrepreneurs were selected and honored in the field of industry. Kamal Fathi Bitaraf, the founder of Arta Industrial Group and the respected CEO of Arta plast, was selected as the best entrepreneur from Ardabil province in the industry sector and was honored as "the best entrepreneur of the year".

Also, in recognition of his efforts in serving the country and the development of the country with the aim of discovering and identifying the best talents, guiding and empowering them to be effective in solving the country's problems and serving the society, Mr. Fathi Bitaraf was awarded the "Excellence in Entrepreneurship" plaque.

The 14th national top entrepreneurs festival was held on March 2022 with the presence of Seyyed Solat Mortazavi, Minister of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, at the Martyrs Conference Center on the 17th of Shahrivar of this ministry. In this festival, the best national entrepreneurs in the fields of industry, agriculture, cooperation, services, social entrepreneurship, crafts and tourism were introduced and honored.

In the festival, 820 judges, including 402 women and 412 men, expressed their opinion. Judges in 31 provinces monitored the activities of companies virtually and in the field using accurate indicators. According to reports, ten thousand direct jobs have been created by the winners of the festival. 6,000 people participated in the 14th festival of top entrepreneurs, and 21 of them were chosen as the top national entrepreneurs.

During the festival, the Director General of the Office of Entrepreneurship Development and Workforce Productivity of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, in a speech, mentioned employment, export, innovation, entrepreneurial personality and social responsibility as the most important indicators for selecting the best national entrepreneur.

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