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Building renovation or renovation + home renovation cost checklist

Renovating of home can be an exciting and interesting experience, but at the same time, it can also become an exhausting and stressful process. The following tips will guide you to...

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What is high glass? Cons and pros + high glass cabinet models

High-gloss MDF creates great interest for buyers in choosing the right color for home and kitchen decoration, especially cabinets. The variety of MDF in the market is also...

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All about Japanese interior design

Japanese decoration is a little bit eastern, a little bit western, a little bit of cold and a little bit of warmth, a little bit of spirituality and a little bit of elegance. But above all, simplicity and complete efficiency. These are more characteristic...

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Arta Raw Chipboard

Suitable for designing on a large surface. Arta raw chipboard is a board made of waste wood chips and wood shavings, which are mixed with glue and resin during processing and become...

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What is MDF + price list and technical specifications

MDF Arta is a type of compressed sheet that replaces natural wood and has many uses in the interior of buildings and some industries. Today, MDFs are known for their quality and...

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Learn more about wooden parquet! along with its history

If you are looking to choose a special and different floor covering for your home these days, you need to check all the different options. Probably among the most popular style options...

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How to clean laminate parquet?

Today, laminate flooring has found a special place among users as one of the most convenient and practical elements in interior design. Beauty, natural appearance, durability and reasonable price, laminate flooring...

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How to install Arta clic flooring?

Preparing the conditions before installation. Parquet installation is one of the last stages of construction works. After drying and the complete loss of moisture, the materials can be installed...

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