Arta pan company selected for the national production festival - national honor in 2022

Arta pan Cellulose Industries Company, under the management of Mr. Kamal Fathi Bitraf, founder of Arta Industrial Group, was selected and honored at the 20th Iftikhar Melli National Production Festival, citing the growth of the last two years of performance, as "the best industrial unit in the group of wood and wooden products except furniture". Special thanks were given.

Iftikhar Melli National Production Festival was held on March 1, 1401 by Iran's House of Industry, Mining and Trade and with the support of the Ministry of Security at the Tehran International Exhibition, with the aim of making the private sector more effective and promoting the role of the private sector in the direction of economic growth and prosperity. During the festival, the top 50 companies, including "Arta pan Company", which were examined and evaluated based on the classification of ISIC codes, were honored.

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