The presence of the official representative of Arta pan at the North American exhibition WMS 2023

Exhibition(Woodworking Machinery & supply conference and expo)Canadian wood industry machinery is one of the most important exhibitions at the international level, which is held every year in various sectors such as wood and forest industries, furniture, chemical industries, services, tools and production equipment with a variety of modern products. This exhibition was held from November 2 to 4, 2023 with the presence of domestic Canadian companies and international companies active in various branches of the wood industry.

Arta pan, a manufacturer and exporter of cellulose products, hosted the visitors and those interested in this event for three consecutive days with a stand representing Arta pan in order to improve and develop business relations. The Canadian WMS exhibition provided an opportunity for Arta pan to interact with visitors, specialists, intermediaries and company owners from all over the world, along with other leading brands and manufacturing companies in the world, and to further expand its international cooperation.

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