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Learn more about wooden parquet! along with its history

If you are looking to choose a special and different floor covering for your home these days, you need to check all the different options. Probably among the most popular style options...

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How to clean laminate parquet?

Today, laminate flooring has found a special place among users as one of the most convenient and practical elements in interior design. Beauty, natural appearance, durability and reasonable price, laminate flooring...

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How to install Arta clic flooring?

Preparing the conditions before installation. Parquet installation is one of the last stages of construction works. After drying and the complete loss of moisture, the materials can be installed...

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The importance of floor covering in the Feng Shui style of the house

Feng Shui seeks to create a balance between the vital energy of people and the environment of daily activities, through the distribution of decoration and orientation of rooms.

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Home decoration trends in 2023

The year ahead promises blurred lines, dramatic fashions and comfortable pieces. No matter what your style is, home decoration trends in 2023 will make the interior...

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